Mining Technician


Name: Ang-Dawa
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Starmech Collective)
Profession: Tech Op
Career: Mining Technician

STR: 10 (0)
DEX: 9 (0)
CON: 11
INT: 14 (+ 2)
WIL: 8 (0)
PER: 8
Action Check: 13+/12/6/3
Actions/round: 2

Stuns: 11
Wounds: 11
Mortal: 6
Fatigue: 6


Defensive Martial Arts – 10/5/2 – + d0 – LI/O – Personal – d4s/d4+1s/d4+2s


Filthy Rich – Financial settlement after an industrial accident left him blinded in one eye.


Old Injury – Cyber-surgery is not a perfect science and Ang still occasionally suffers debilitating headaches and internal trauma, especially in stressful situations. The flaw is triggered whenever an adversary achieves an Amazing success on an attack roll against Ang. He suffers 3 points of wound damage and 1 point of secondary stun damage when the flaw is triggered.

Powerful Enemy – Ang has made himself a particularly dangerous enemy who wants him dead. Unfortunately he’s not quite sure who it is. It could be his former employers who believe that his sensor drone picked up evidence of something it shouldn’t have during a recent mining expedition. It could be the Starmech lab that unjustly claimed that he stole the designs for a recent drone prototype he’s been developing. Or it could be a vengeful family member of one of the miners that were killed in the accident that took Ang’s eyes. In any case the death threats are what have prompted Ang to seek passage out of the Tendril system.

Cumulative Achievement Points:
Character Level: 1


– (t)Defensive Martial Arts(1): 10/5/2
Zero-G Training(1): 10/5/2
Vehicle Operation
Computer Science
– (t)Hacking(1): 15/7/3
Hardware(1): 15/7/3
Programming(2): 16/8/4
Set explosives(3): 17/8/4
Deduce(1): 15/7/3
– (t)Cybertech(7): 17/8/4
– (t)Language (Galactic Standard)(3): 17/8/4
System Operation
Sensors(1): 15/7/3
Technical Science
Invention(1): 15/7/3
Juryrig(1): 15/7/3
Robotics(3): 15/7/3
Repair(3): 17/8/4

Note: Proficient in using the following cybertech: nanocomputer, cybereye, optic screen, subdermal comm, ER slot, neural 3D, wireless nijack.


Demolitions pack (two Detonex charges, 50 meters of detcord, four spike caps, two command
detonators and two timers)(25 kg)
Toolkit, (Tech. Sci. – repair) (10 kg)
Data slate, Ordinary (0.3 kg)
Backpack (1 kg)
Utility harness
Gridcaster gauntlet, Good (2 kg)
Instant glue
Flashlight (1 kg)
Weight neutralizer (4 kg)
Scanner, imaging (1 kg)
BerTek Excavation Projector (20 kg)
Jumpsuit (1 kg)
BerTek Circuit Finder (1 kg)
Magnetic Clamp (1 kg)

Cybertech: CyberEye, Ordinary (S*D AEG); Nanocomputer, Amazing; Wireless NIJack, Good; Optic Screen, Ordinary; Subdermal Comm, Good; Neural 3D (external), Good.



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