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Somewhat desperate for work, you head into a dilapidated “consumable entertainment facility” in the heart of the city of babel, on the planet Alaundril in the Tendril system, well-known as the “Gateway to the Verge.” You had seen an advertisement somewhere, claiming to offer a surprisingly handsome sum for what it described, somewhat vaguely, as “courier duties to Corrivale.” If it wasn’t for the disclaimer that a ship wasn’t needed, you would have passed it over. But now here you are, in a dim, thinly populated spacer’s bar off the main thoroughfare. It’s the middle of a daylight-cycle workshift, so business is expectedly low. A quick inquiry with the bored bartender points you towards a large secluded side booth, where a weathered, swarthy-looking human offers you a seat. Easing down cautiously, you estimate him to be in his early 100s. Though he appears calm and relaxed, he wears a trenchcoat despite the heat – probably carbonate fiber weave. You wouldn’t be surprised to find out he’s armed. “Relax,” he says, with an off-hand dismissive gesture. “have something to eat. I’m hoping more show up.”

This is where you enter. Starting in the Tendril system, your character can be from almost anywhere – at the intersection between Stellar Ring traffic, and the rest of the Verge, anything’s possible. Also, your character may not necessarily need money, but may have other motivations – perhaps he’s sick of the Burn, and is desperate for any ship off this hot rock. Maybe he’s a fugitive Sesheyan, seeking to touch base with his distant kin on Grith. Perhaps he’s just wandering, and he sees this job as an opportunity to travel and get paid for it at the same time. Your character’s motivation, and reason for being there is up to you.

About the campaign: It is of course, set in Star*Drive. Since I only have a limited (but growing) array of books, it is going to be set in the middle of the year 2501. I am still absorbing information from the rather lovingly-detailed campaign sourcebook, so please be patient with me if I make any blunders, and definitely let me know if I do! As for the campaign itself, I intend for it to be a mixture of action, intrigue, and exploration, and my current plotlines assume that the players are at least somewhat altruistic. However, I have made sure to include regular financial motivations as well as possible political connections (or complications!) to provide for a variety of characters. While I do have a campaign arc sketched out, I always do my best to avoid railroad-style games. If everyone agrees, the game can be taken in other directions. I just figured having a planned initial direction will help with the pacing of a forum-based game. Overall, this is really my first attempt at designing a campaign in a science-fiction setting, so we’ll probably have a few rough or confusing spots, but with your help, I hope we can all have a load of fun!

Spoilers: This starting adventure will be taking you to the Corrivale system. Transport is arranged; you won’t need to be piloting. Honestly, I don’t intend space travel to be a big part of the game for the first few levels; keep that in mind when purchasing skills. Other than that I’ll leave you guessing.

Posting rate: I intend to check the forums at least once a day. I’m not sure what the typical rate is for these forums, so please whenever you post, include your ideal post rate. I’d like to get a cycle of player posts in at least once a week, but I am open for whatever.

Dice: Here, again, I’m not sure what is traditional. What do you guys, as the players, prefer? Honor system, or do you have an e-mail based system in mind? Let me know.

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Main Page

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